Tales from GNOME Asia 2023

Epilogue The GNOME Asia 2023 Summit, a key event in the open-source technology calendar, took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, from December 1 to 3, 2023. This conference is the premier annual event for the GNOME community in Asia, focusing on the GNOME desktop, applications, and development tools. The GNOME Foundation, which oversees this summit, aims to bring together various stakeholders, including users, developers, foundation leaders, government representatives, and businesses, to discuss present technologies and future developments. This iteration of the GNOME summit (as will be covered in the report) will have two parts, the community and the actual event proceedings. GNOME Asia Summit brought back the key FOSS stakeholders of Nepal into the limelight and also collaborated with the Fedora Project - helping them host a Release Party for Fedora Linux 39 and Celebrate the 20th year of the Fedora Project. Day 0  Like all "great" FOSS Projects do, Day 0 is all about intense colla

Mine Shiba Inu ($shib) on Fedora/LINUX

Context Please Well, all of us has heard about the new shiny $shib. When the pump is so high, news and media just happen to cover it. That's the normal. This post is not about what $shib is or what you can do with it. This post is a basic walk through of how YOU can mine $shib at home and earn [or atleast learn what mining is]. One of most hyped thing about mining is, we need Graphics Cards [GPU] and a lot of GPUs worthing lakhs in my country. Amount of money which is very hard to shell out at one go.  So, since sometime, miners have been relying heavily on a pool. A pool is collection of computing power which will together mine of a certain type of currency. We have some coins which will require a certain quantity of vRAM to start with and there are some which will require less. Depending on the power of the GPU, you can join the pool and help with collective mining.  Now, since a lot of us don't end up having such GPUs we end up not mining at all! But what if there was a way