FOSSwave Goa

This post will is where i am going to talk about how we executed the planned activities for IoT in Goa. First of all thanks to Espressotive headed by Sudhir Shetty and CIBA for doing all the prep works right from registration to our accommodation .

The primary agenda was IoT although to get all the students up to the speed , we started with basic webpage structure and how to nodejs can come handy to write web servers.

So the agenda went like, we started talking about HTML5 , CSS 3 and JS to write webpages which was taken by Mrinal Jain , Mozilla Rep from Indore . He used Webmaker tools to explain the basic structure of the webpage and how web works in general.

Soon after the basics were clear we moved ahead and I (sumantro, Fedora QA intern at Red Hat) started talking about how a server works and what node.js helps us. The session was more around building the very idea about what are different types of pub-sub frameworks/protocols (MQTT) which ensure a standard way of interfacing and communicating the hardware(arduino uno) .
All the slides used are made by Sukanya.

After the basic architecture of IoT and node , we jumped into writing an small API functions and then finally made our way controlling the LED attached on a particular PIN number. For the ease of understanding , we made sure that code and the step by step process were clearly documented . The Hands On can be found here.

This session marked the starting of FOSS wave Goa . We have seen a lot of enthusiasm in the event and got a lot of interested in learning about FOSS and bleeding edge technologies .

Here are some pics to remember for this event [Drive Link]


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