Kernel testing made easy!

Hey Folks , this is sincere effort to bring into notice that people who want to stay on top of the game in terms of bleeding edge. The most important part is to check if the kernel version is supporting your system fine. If it does , then its awesome but if it doesn't you might wanna report it to the team with the proper failure logs which might be helpful for future references.

To get started with , you need a bleeding edge kernel to start with. You can get the latest kernel from Bodhi.

Most of the kernel(s) are updates and hence you need to enable update-testing repo to install the kernel from the update-testing repo. 
Once you have enabled the update testing repo , you can also disable it by executing "dnf config-manager --set-disabled updates-testing".While I'm writing this the latest kernel in update-testing for f25 was "kernel-4.9.10-200.fc25"

Once , you are done installing now , comes the part of checking if all the virtal features of your machine works smoothly. Of course , after a deep manual inspection you can trigger the test suite which will test the major parts for you.

First , you need to install some packages which are important , although many of you might just have all these packages.

The above pic shows the installation of packages, Once you have the required packages , you need to clone the pagure repo "git clone" .

After cloning you can simply start the test suite , you need to switch to the cloned folder and execute " cp config.example .config" after a successful execution , you need to open the .config file in vi/any text editor and edit the values of "submit=authenticated" and "username=<fas username>" . Once you are done , just run the test by executing " sudo ./" . And for performance testing you can run "sudo ./ -t performance" both of these tests are most likely to pass if they dont you need to send/update the log and post karmas on bodhi for people to note if regressions are noted.

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