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It is the time to share my experience about KitchenParty@Nalban[DormRoom would be more apt]. Held on 26th of April organised by me,this event focused on understanding Webmaking by "Learning By Making" and "Controlling The Flow Of Web". This was just another kitchen party but with a bit of twist,My focus was NOT to achieve a certain number of makes but to let people innovate and explore the tools with the basic understanding of how to Control and  Create the web that they hack on.
Participating people
Ayan Choudhury[]
Sarbartha Mallick[]
Krishna Kamal Pal[]

The Event has specific 2 parts..

1.Introduction to controlling the web
The first objective was to show how vulnerable the web is.This was actually easy by installing Lightbeam,An add-on for Firefox.This add-on clearly depicted how third party sites track your data online and how can you stop it.This also gave a nice idea about navigating the web in a better and secure way

LightBeam Demo [Sorry for the Zero Clarity]


                                  2.Learning By Making
When you learn something which requires no THEORY then you have to rely on your experience and learn by experience and mistakes.Much like cycling,you fall the first day and then introspect why you fell and you don't repeat the mistake again.A continuous process of evaluation goes on inside the person to learn how to do things in a better way.Same goes in makers or the innovators they have to learn where the web suffers trouble and due to what inefficiency still prevails.For this,it's highly recommended for them to be enlightened about the building blocks of web[HTML,CSS,JS].So,I introduced them to first to Thimble where I asked them to innovate on any trending tropic and in this kitchen party I asked them to create something on Kolkata.I also crunched deeper and showed them how they could interact with an video and supercharge it valuable fragments of necessary bit of information.Finally the ability to CREATE -->SHARE --> EXTEND!! that's where you have Xray goggles come into they play,One can create something that can be used by others to remix and make it better and  by doing so the makers are finally web literate and have the ability to control their footprints. The participants today,actively made thimble and popcorn makes.

There were 6 participants who gave their precious time to make the web better,BUT two most active participants were Ayan and Sarbartha,who wholeheartedly made wonderful makes and will continue making and exploring more into Webmaking and create innovative templates for us to remix and share!!

Sorry,We didn't have much time for pics... but here is the list of all the makes

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