Well,The concept of appmaker is enabling the users with a platform that they can make their own CUSTOM apps just for some day to day purpose, to see how it works or just for fun.This initiative will not limit the app making process to developers but to every one since this requires the least possible knowledge to build an app in no time!The ONLY concept here one needs to be clear about is Listening and Responding..Much like you need to know the language which is being spoken to you in order to understand what is being said by the other party..The same way the listener needs to know the request it's suppose to answer!Before I walk you through to how to make and publish an app..leme describe these terms in a bit details..The jargons here are--Broadcasting Channels: The pipeline through which the user is goin to send a resquest to the app commonly a "button"...Listner:The Object which triggers an event upon recieveing an request from any of the broadcasting channels it's associated to.Since the Appmaker is made with webRT, webmaker, FirefoxOS  and webAPI ..
TheAppMaker consists of four major components at this point1.The web component plumbing (Ceci)2.The designer tool3.Asimple publishing server4.A list of built-in modulesNow let me give a demo of how this works and lets kick it into gears! 


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