Merry Christmas with Mozilla - Hack Barasat

The 25th December 2014 #HackBarasat
This post is to recap what I witnessed on 25th of December at Barasat . The Event was mostly about Webmaker and Localization . The whole Mozilla Kolkata Community whole heartedly participated in this event making it a grand success.

What happened 

The best point of the day was that we were joined by আশিকুর রহমান নূর from Bangladesh who was on a tour in Kolkata then. There were new contributors who were to start their journey with Mozilla.So, I took the first part with Shahid talking about mozilla mission and also Shahid shared his experience as a Reps and Reps Mentor which threw some light on the path that all of the new and the old members can take and build the community.Also, Sukanta Pal talked about Open Badges which is the currency for recognition  as a volunteer when it comes to Mozilla.

After that Ayan took over and started with his talk on Web Literacy and started explaining Web Maker Tools . He started with Thimble and Xray Goggles and explained how the Web can be made more interactive. The Talk was very much enjoyed by the audience. After which I talked about Popcorn Maker and Finally Biraj ended the part with App Maker! He made few awesome apps and which caused a jaw dropping experience for the new as well as the old people.

Finally after that we had awesome lunch and on resuming the session we started with localization where Ayan and Biraj took and discussed the way to getting into Bn_l10n and the best practices. He spoke about the styling guidelines too , which with time will help the new contributors to make less mistakes!

And Fianlly,

We had a cake (All thanks to Biraj). It was awesome and tastly!! And here is the glimpse which Biraj made to symbolize this event

And The group Picture!!


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