Getting started with Fedora QA part 3

In my last post , I talked about how you can start with Fedora QA in Bodhi.This post will focus on running Test Cases and How to go ahead with one.

What is a Test Case?

Test Case is a set of scenarios wherein , you as a tester will need to follow the steps and replicate those and see if you get any issues or errors. Once done you can just go ahead and give the "Test case" on Bodhi "+1" in the Karma.

This is Bodhi for Nmap , testing this will require you to complete the test case "Nmap" which is given.

First of all, you need to install all the required packages.This can be found in the Setup section.

I have started my installation of all the packages.


All the required packages are now installed and we are now ready to move forward.

One of the test case was to check that the frontend of Nmap "Zenmap" doesn't crash. So, I have pulled up and it looks good.

There were a bunch of cli executions to be performed and look out for results.

All the test cases have worked good for me!

Last test case of cli was to make sure that we can export the results from Nmap to a XML file and it also looks good.

Since all the test cases ran good,I can go ahead and give Karma +1 for both the cases.

That's how you can also check for critical paths and continue your journey as a QA contributor for Fedora.

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