Fedora QA Onboarding Call - Bhopal , IN [Regional Language, Hindi]

Furthering on the FOSS Wave initiative to make the students industry ready, it was really required for us to work closely and make people learn things in the right way. Bhopal, IN has a good number of contributors who want to learn about Fedora QA and I started off by helping them to start with a few QA activities.

The very idea of onboarding starts with how helpful can the mentor be and how interactive the conversation become. After a bit of thinking and the community feedback , I felt that connecting in regional language (Hindi) will be more beneficial.

We started the call at 8:30pm IST on 2016-08-13 , the first phase was to help the contributors understand how to use Virtual Machines and getting the right .iso file. Once, this part got over, I started off with explaining Test Cases for  Release Validation testing right away as Fedora 25 Alpha is coming soon, it will be a massive way to contribute.


The Next part was to show how to post feedbacks in the wiki by editing the page.


Once this, we planned to move to Update Testing and help people to start knowing how go give out feedbacks. After a bit of hands-on with bodhi and posting feedback , we planned to meet again for a followup on 2016-08-23.



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