Retrospection of Fedora QA Global Onboarding Call

Building on the premise , that Fedora QA mailing-list started having loads of new contributors, we decided to kick off on-boarding calls for the new joiners to understand the Fedora QA process in the right way. Last Saturday, (2016-08-20) , we got the votes from all the new joiners and started off with the Fedora QA on-boarding call .

Last time when we ran it , we faced few roadblocks , major one being the "Participation" limit of Hangouts. Since, we wanted the call to be more interactive we thought it will be best to have it over "Hangouts". One major roadblock was that although we had a very interactive call with a load of question answers , the participation limit was pretty much restricted because we reached the max number of participants.

In the last call, we went for "Hangouts on Air" this is where we traded our interactivity with viewership. As this call technically had zero limitation in terms of participation  , the communication pattern was mostly simplex. Although pirate pad , help a lot in making the duplex conversation with the chatbox feature in it.

Adding to the silver lining, we had the recording up with zero downtime. People with lower bandwidth can always watch the video or download it from youtube for reference.

Adamw post for the call :

Youtube recording :

Having said that , We will be conducting on-boarding calls when ~30 new contributor join Fedora QA


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