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FORMAT : Firefox OS Renaissance of Mobile App Technology
Extract Mozilla India Community and Instruo'13- The annual techno-management fest of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur organized an event at the university premises on 22-23rd March, 2013 to gather all the developer base in West Bengal and help students to learn web development and apply the knowledge to develop innovative apps for Firefox OS. After a month full of hard work, excitement, dedication, and enthusiasm, atlast the judgment day arrives on 21-Mar-2013 - one day before the most anticipated event. The good work done by me, Subhasish and Avik for the last one month, would be of no use if the main event by chance would not have run smoothly. With this apprehension in our mind and confidence in our work done and some faith in the all-mighty we started the day. In the morning we attended classes but our mind were somewhere else, may be on final planning of FORMAT. Our real work started from noon when we s…