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Fireplace for Windows

This document is one simply way of starting with Fireplace. If you are running Windows and really have less or no idea of Linux and don't wish to change the present structure of system. This is for you.

Let me talk to you what this is.

I've created a Virtual Machine which has all the dependencies build and will give you an headstart with all sort of bug fixes.

What do you require to start?Good news is you just need VMware 11 go start off which can be downloaded from VMware's site or can simply apply a bit of their grey matter ;)
And of course install!!

What is in the VM?I have done a bit of work and optimized it for the best probable performance.Let me jump to the specs.
Fedora 21 Workstation

HDD : 20GB

Network Settings are set to NAT. So it will inherit the same config of the host OS.

when you boot this you will be finding the user "Sumantro" the password of which is "sumantro93".
Once you are inside you will have this screen.

Node and npm are instal…


Well,The concept of appmaker is enabling the users with a platform that they can make their own CUSTOM apps just for some day to day purpose, to see how it works or just for fun.This initiative will not limit the app making process to developers but to every one since this requires the least possible knowledge to build an app in no time!The ONLY concept here one needs to be clear about is Listening and Responding..Much like you need to know the language which is being spoken to you in order to understand what is being said by the other party..The same way the listener needs to know the request it's suppose to answer!Before I walk you through to how to make and publish an app..leme describe these terms in a bit details..The jargons here are--Broadcasting Channels: The pipeline through which the user is goin to send a resquest to the app commonly a "button"...Listner:The Object which triggers an event upon recieveing an request fr…

Merry Christmas with Mozilla - Hack Barasat

The 25th December 2014 #HackBarasat
This post is to recap what I witnessed on 25th of December at Barasat . The Event was mostly about Webmaker and Localization . The whole Mozilla Kolkata Community whole heartedly participated in this event making it a grand success.
What happened The best point of the day was that we were joined by আশিকুর রহমান নূরfrom Bangladesh who was on a tour in Kolkata then. There were new contributors who were to start their journey with Mozilla.So, I took the first part with Shahid talking about mozilla mission and also Shahid shared his experience as a Reps and Reps Mentor which threw some light on the path that all of the new and the old members can take and build the community.Also, Sukanta Pal talked about Open Badges which is the currency for recognition  as a volunteer when it comes to Mozilla.

After that Ayan took over and started with his talk on Web Literacy and started explaining Web Maker Tools . He started with Thimble and Xray Goggles and explaine…

Hive KGP , Planning meet

What's So special??

On the 7th of December , we decided to sit and talk in depth about the meet up for Hive,KGP with Mozilla Kolkata Community.This is done to ensure that the volunteers have a good grip on what and how the plan was going to get executed.

Who , When and Where?

Umesh, travelled all the way from Kharagpur and calling a formal gathering of the community at a CCD . Ayan,Sukanta,Koustav,Ishita,Sreemegha and Myself got together and started talking about the Concept of Hive and then followed by the hall where it was to be executed and How the future plans of booths will shape up.


The very idea , was to assign the volunteers with responsibilities so that the whole event goes smooth.It was an well described by Umesh ,who had an very good experience of organising hive events in and around Kharagpur.

As the task were getting assigned , some light snacks were ordered and which added more energy to the volunteers . The major part was to finish off the work with designing and…