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Getting started with Fedora QA Series 1 Part 2

This post will help you get started with QA and how you can get recognized in the community for your time , dedication and work.

** Make sure that you have a Bugzilla,FAS and email alias set up before to follow the steps below.If you haven't , you can find it here .

Bodhi Its a web based tool you will use to push your packages to the Fedora repositories as an update, first an update to be tested (repository: updates-testing) then a stable update (repository: updates). Bodhi is also equipped with a fairly extensive test suite.

This is the easiest way to start contributing even if you are very new to Fedora and Fedora QA.

Let's start

First of all, you need to remember that it's highly recommended to test in VM and not on your primary OS. As the pre-alpha,alpha and beta images are often buggy and not refined, its suggested that you test it on VM before installing any of those as primary.

All the images of Fedora for all major architectures can be downloaded here

Setting u…

Getting started with Fedora QA Series 1 Part 1

What is Fedora QA? Fedora is an Open Source Linux based OS which releases once in every 6 months.The environment is very fast paced and with every release people require new features or updating existing features of the packages. To make sure everything works and with each release the performance keeps getting better , testing and quality checks are a must. In Fedora, we have to encompass the user experience as there are thousands and thousands of people who expect a more stable , feature enriched OS getting better with each release.

Understanding the release cycle
Before we jump into how you can get started, let me talk about how the whole process happens.

[Action Required] Calling for test day

This post will be talking about the Test day which I am proposing and how I believe can increase more participation around QA in India and by extension the rest of the world.

Why and How?

Well, being an Open Source contributor for last 3 years, I know how important FOSS contribution matters in a person's personal growth. The state of any Open Source project depends on how much participation we have from the people. This involves people from various areas of life to come and work for a mission driven project.

India is a very diverse country , having contributors from India is easy and since we have the right pool of talent getting them with us will create difference at a mass level. By far we have a good deal of people who participate in all the open source conferences and are ready to start their journey. QA being one of the easiest and fastest ways to get involved , building a strong community focused towards QA will increase the contribution spectrum by manifolds.

Proposal of a Test…

Installing jenkis on Windows 8.1

Jenkins is CI tool written in java. This post is gonna talk about how to set up jenkins for Windows 8.1 and likewise Windows 10.


1. Java 8( updated) : Download
Once finished you can check your java version on the web with the following image as a result


This will vary according to connection of internet.
1.First of all we need to download the file "jenkins.war" file from here.

After finishing off you can open up CMD with admin privileges and run

"java -jar jenkins.war"

You can launch the Jenkins http://locahost:8080

 In jenkins you can have Master and Slave nodes which you can manage. where the workload of building projects are delegated to multiple "slave" nodes, allowing a single Jenkins installation to host a large number of projects, or to provide different environments needed for builds/tests.

Below is how you can start creating your slave node.

 Set the connection of the slave to your installing directory

 And now you …


This is a post about a event we did at ISM , Dhanbad . This was a connected devices event with a 36hr hackathon! The main idea of the event was to give a feel of IoT and help the participants build and work on ideas which would solve key issues of the current day.

From both social and economic aspect we had a lot of project which came along by the end of 36hrs.

Ayan (ReMo from Calcutta) and me started our journey from Kolkata to Dhanbad , People at Dhanbad greeted us well and took us to ISM campus , where we got freshened up for the hackathon and session.

As people hacked tirelessly throughout the night , we mentored them and tired to solve their doubts . Many cool projects and protoypes came up by the end of event . The list can be found here []

Few very cool projects

The group photo and the curtains call!