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Bengali-India Fennec Launch Party

How it all began:
This Post is the recap of an event which is one of its kind,It's the bn-IN Fennec launch party.Before I dive into the details of the event let me put it clear in an nutshell what this is all about. This is an celebration event for the contributors who have given their efforts in Localizing the Firefox for Android (Fennec) and other Mozilla Products viz Marketplace,Nightly,Firefox,Firefox OS.The whole event was planned by Biraj Karmarkar.

What Happened:

The agenda was pretty neat and was kept short and informative  as always .The meeting started at 14.00hrs. In a CCD , we all gathered and Biraj started by a round of introduction as I already mentioned this was to highlight the bn-IN contributors so many new faces were seen.With time Biraj started with "How" can the contributors increases their Localization skills and also efficiently answered all the general doubts. After which Biraj gave an lucid idea of styling guidelines. Swarnava ,gave us a concrete id…