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Fireplace for Windows

This document is one simply way of starting with Fireplace. If you are running Windows and really have less or no idea of Linux and don't wish to change the present structure of system. This is for you.

Let me talk to you what this is.

I've created a Virtual Machine which has all the dependencies build and will give you an headstart with all sort of bug fixes.

What do you require to start?Good news is you just need VMware 11 go start off which can be downloaded from VMware's site or can simply apply a bit of their grey matter ;)
And of course install!!

What is in the VM?I have done a bit of work and optimized it for the best probable performance.Let me jump to the specs.
Fedora 21 Workstation

HDD : 20GB

Network Settings are set to NAT. So it will inherit the same config of the host OS.

when you boot this you will be finding the user "Sumantro" the password of which is "sumantro93".
Once you are inside you will have this screen.

Node and npm are instal…