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Fedora 28 Release Party Bangalore

Furthering on the community efforts, a bunch of Fedora Contributors and Users in Bangalore decided to celebrate the Fedora 28 Release. This post will be talking about, how we celebrated it and the vent highlights.

To start with, I would like to thank Bex for sending the swags and all who contributed to the release and made it successful.

It was 2018-05-11, a Friday, clearly a start of the weekend when everybody in the office are chilled-out state of mind. We kicked off the release party with Vipul Siddharth speaking on Fedora 28 New Features.
@SiddharthVipul speaking why Fedora is important and what's new in F28 — sumantro (@6r11c3) May 11, 2018 Next we had Sinny Kumari talking about Atomic and new features in Fedora Atomic. @ksinny talks about @projectatomic at Fedora 28 Release Party— sumantro (@6r11c3) May 11, 2018 Next we Kanika & Bhumika spoke about GSoC and Outreachy! How to get involved as a student @a2batic and Bhumi…