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WebVr in Fedora/RHEL 25 Pre Release

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. It's one of the heavily peaking technologies in the market at this point. These technologies are mostly used to make cognitive applications. Having a pretty dynamic coverage , the VR can be either on Web - where the app can run on a browser or it can be used as package.

Lets start with a Few JS libs which I will be using

1. A frame JS-A-Frame is an open-source WebVR framework for creating virtual reality (VR) experiences with HTML. We can build VR scenes that work across smartphones, desktop, the Oculus Rift, and the room-scale HTC Vive.
2. Three.js - Three.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library/API used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics in a web browser. Three.js uses WebGL.

Let's get rol…

Retrospection of Fedora QA Global Onboarding Call

Building on the premise , that Fedora QA mailing-list started having loads of new contributors, we decided to kick off on-boarding calls for the new joiners to understand the Fedora QA process in the right way. Last Saturday, (2016-08-20) , we got the votes from all the new joiners and started off with the Fedora QA on-boarding call .

Last time when we ran it , we faced few roadblocks , major one being the "Participation" limit of Hangouts. Since, we wanted the call to be more interactive we thought it will be best to have it over "Hangouts". One major roadblock was that although we had a very interactive call with a load of question answers , the participation limit was pretty much restricted because we reached the max number of participants.

In the last call, we went for "Hangouts on Air" this is where we traded our interactivity with viewership. As this call technically had zero limitation in terms of participation  , the communication pattern was mos…

FOSS Wave@Christ University!

Today is a big day as we are going to initiate FOSS Wave in Bangalore , We begin with a event in Christ University , Bangalore. This event is being coordinated by Vipul Siddharth and Prakash Mishra. This activity marks the starting of a series which will be making it's participants "industry ready" . Today we being with "FOSS and Fedora" with a session on "Woman in Tech" by Kanika (RHT ,Intern) .

The Agenda will be!

1.FOSS and Feodora
1.1 What is FOSS
1.2 Why FOSS
1.3 Getting Industry ready
2.Discussions around the diversity and contribution spectrum
2.1 All Foss projects are open sourced , so you can contribute anywhere!
2.2 All contributors need not to code , can be designers to documentors
3.How to start with FOSS
3.1Introduce yourself --let the world know who you are! --> Mailinglist
3.2Every project has identity .. Fedora has FAS
3.3What if you run into a issue -->IRC
4.Fedora and contribution pathways
4.2 http…

Fedora QA Onabording Call on 2016-09-20

Hey All,

This is a gentle reminder that we have a Fedora QA onboarding call on Sat 2016-08-20 at 1700-1900 UTC. We will focus on helping the new contributors to start contributing right away. The meeting will be a video call, with a 'piratepad'[1] for text notes and chat. The agenda is already on the piratepad and is designed to ensure that newcomers can follow along and make the most of the call without any pre-requisites.
To join the call, just open the piratepad. The call URL will be posted there 10 minutes before the meeting starts. Piratepad is a collaborative text editor with a chat system. You can enter your nickname at top-right and choose a color. Then you can chat by typing in the 'Chat:' box at bottom-right, and make edits to the text on the left hand side - please be polite about editing other people's text and not typing too much!
Let's make the most of today's session and make Fedora better!
Read More : https://www…

Fedora QA Onboarding Call - Bhopal , IN [Regional Language, Hindi]

Furthering on the FOSS Wave initiative to make the students industry ready, it was really required for us to work closely and make people learn things in the right way. Bhopal, IN has a good number of contributors who want to learn about Fedora QA and I started off by helping them to start with a few QA activities.

The very idea of onboarding starts with how helpful can the mentor be and how interactive the conversation become. After a bit of thinking and the community feedback , I felt that connecting in regional language (Hindi) will be more beneficial.

We started the call at 8:30pm IST on 2016-08-13 , the first phase was to help the contributors understand how to use Virtual Machines and getting the right .iso file. Once, this part got over, I started off with explaining Test Cases for  Release Validation testing right away as Fedora 25 Alpha is coming soon, it will be a massive way to contribute.

The Next part was to show how to post feedbacks in the wiki by editing the page.


FOSS Wave- Bhopal!

Furthering on the efforts of doing some work around build a strong , tightly-knitted FOSS community around Fedora.I approached a few people from Bhopal and figured out the scope to talk about Fedora and Fedora QA. The target audience were more college students from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

The meeting was short and simple. The audience were well versed with FOSS and many of them are presently contributing to various FOSS projects. We started off talking about how contributing to FOSS  makes the contributors industry ready and as the cog wheel of time revolved , we shifted to "how people can join" Fedora Project and start contributing!

Unleashing the power of Fedora- this topic is what I proposed to the newly formed small community of folks, about building some cool projects on top of Fedora (like IoT,Big Data,ML and much more). The participants were excited about it and we discussed to meet again on Saturday  2016-09-09 to work on Release Validation testing for Fedora 25 Bra…

Foss Presence Delhi - A Bootup Program

On a Saturday evening , Saurabh approached me with the idea of how he would like to organize an event in his college which is going to talk about FOSS and Fedora in depth. Saurabh has been an active contributor to various FOSS projects for last 2 years and Fedora QA contributor for some time now. He possess immense knowledge on containers , automated testing and kernel perf testing . Apart from these , he's is a backend developer with NLP as his forte.

The idea was intriguing and was something which will help the contributor spectrum to increase at an pan India level. So, without much delay , we started brainstorming and came up with a plan of how to do the event. Couple of hours of brainstorming and we finalized the event . It was evident that we need to bring more awareness in the college students and help bringing together like minded people who will learn and contribute , eventually form a strong regional community and keep the FOSS culture growing.

Furthering on the idea of…