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Fedora QA Session @ RHT Bangalore

Hey this post is going to talk about the retrospective of Fedora QA onboarding session at Red Hat Bangalore. 15 students from India participated in this event. The idea was to help them get started with contribution. It was good to see people working their way up the ladder. The students began by creating accounts and then setting up their testing environment. Introducing themselves in the mailing list , going ahead and doing Release validation and Update Testing.

The details can be found here -->

The agenda covered :
1. What is Fedora QA?-->
2. Fedora's Release Cycle-->
3. Setting up your Fedora for testing-->

3.1 Getting FAS accounts,pagure,bugzilla,qa-group sponsorship,adding ssh keys(etc).
3.2 Setting up VM for Release validation with current compose.
4. Getting the nightlies and RC-->…