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Bleeding Edge to the Cutting Edge

This post is simply a log of one of my activity which is the spark of fast growing community for Fedora.

As a part of my intern program I wanted to share the knowledge and work with a bunch of interested individuals who are excited to about Fedora and would love to contribute and make it better.

Although the purpose remains to internationalization usage of Fedora and bringing in contributors with the passion to build on top of Fedora as a developer ,tester and data scientists . I look out for , the alignment of activities and community values/behaviors to Fedora's top line goals.

As, contribution to Fedora and supporting it's goals becomes inevitable to generate impact across the project, even a small bunch of people , properly mentored can create much larger impact.

Hosting your own Fedora Test Day

This post will be talking about how to hold your own test day. In most of the time although the situation will not arise when you have to do all the work single handed. But below is a draft of how you can go ahead an host your own testdays or atleast proceed with.


1. Decide the change which you wanna test for
2. Create a ticket
3. Find out if that type of test case ran sometime before or not, if yes then you can easily re-use the previous wikipage of test cases but if not then you have to write a fresh new testday wiki and test case wiki .
4.Once you are done setting up the wiki(s) , you need to think about the metaapp data page
5. And the results will be shown in the Test day App.

How to setup:
1.For fedora 24 you can find the change set here .

2. Create a Trac ticket. One example is below

3.Once you are sure you have picked up at least one check if that type of test ever ran before, if not then first start off by grabbing the test day wiki template.

4.Next and the most…