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Fedora Media Writer testday [Report]

This is a proud moment as we have seen a good amount of people participating in the event .

Testers : 22 , Test : 40
Bugs Filed : 16 , New :16  , Dup : 0 , Fixed : 0

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Bugs and Github issues Reported

moving liveusb-creator to a different display runs out of memory and kills desktop - 1328452Luc doesn't reuse already downloaded image and stuck - 1328369AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'device' - 1328337liveusb-creator: pycurl.error: cannot invoke setopt() - perform() is currently running -1328340crash when choosing ISO on samba server- 1328560Windows 10 install usb stick not recognized-1328794liveusb-creator on Windows 10 opens diskpart.exe but does nothing-1328484partitions are not unmounted before writing image to a device, can lead to corrupted data…

Time to test Fedora Media Writer

The new Fedora Live USB Creator that is being finished has an overhauled, more user friendly interface. Because USB sticks are the most common way to install Fedora, it should be the primary download option. It cover the whole installation media creation, it lets the user pick the right flavor of Fedora, downloads its image, and copies it to a USB drive. It will provide an easy-to-use tool for all major platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) which will be offered to users as the primary download option. That should generally lower the barrier for potential users to try and install Fedora.
To make the above endeavor successful ,  Fedora QA team is organizing an Fedora Media Writer Test Day.

What will we be testing ?

1.Installing Fedora Media Writer
2.Writing Fedora images to the USB flash drive
3.Booting up and verifying the USB

How to participate?

This is an open to all event, everyone can participate by going to the test page. Feel free to ask a  specific query either on #fedora…

How to create live USB with Fedora Media Writer on Windows 8.1

This article will talk about the rewrite of the live-usb creator for Windows which is Fedora Media Writer .

Requites for the process
1.Admin Privileges of the system
2. HDD space of about 5GB
3.Flash Drive of 8BG
4.Good internet access

Steps to follow
1. Download the .zip file from here [Thanks To Martin!]
2. Extract and zip and run liveusb-creator.exe with admin privilege

** Before you race off  and run the rest of  steps. A point to note that you will require a good amount of space in the hard disk partition as the Fedora Media Writer will be downloading the image in this folder before writing it to your USB.

** Make sure the USB flash drive is blank as this process will be wiping all the data before writing Fedora in it.

Fedora Media Writer on (Windows 8.1 & 10 ) [Outdated]

This post will talk about how you can test Fedora Media Writer AKA LUC on Windows.

First for all you can download the .exe file from []

 After installation, here is how you can create Live USB for Fedora in a jiffy.

Testing with LUC (POC) Fedora 22 x86_x64

This article is about Live USB Creator which is a tool which may become the primary download for Workstation (so instead of an ISO file).

Install Package:
By default my download directory is Download and I am executing the syntax below as "su"

dnf install liveusb-creator-3.91.0-1.fc22.noarch.rpm

** if you get
Once installed , you can run it by simply executing "liveusb-creator"

** if you get

After this you will be able to run the "LUC"

This will be downloading the whole OS.


Getting started with Fedora QA part 3

In my last post , I talked about how you can start with Fedora QA in Bodhi.This post will focus on running Test Cases and How to go ahead with one.

What is a Test Case?
Test Case is a set of scenarios wherein , you as a tester will need to follow the steps and replicate those and see if you get any issues or errors. Once done you can just go ahead and give the "Test case" on Bodhi "+1" in the Karma.