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Scrollback-Alternative Cross-Platform Chat

Hello All,This post will cover most things about the new super friendly , least resource hungry and superbly secure embedded cross platform chat - Scrollback. Not only is it Open Sourced but its also has some cool Student Ambassador Programme  that I would be talking about later in this post.
So why Scrollback?

I would love to talk less and depict more with as much Screenshots to make it simple for users who are addicted to "whtsapp" or tired of the old "IRCs"

Well now lets jump to the chat room look and then to the details of how Scrollback outcasts rest of the prevailing chat clients

When you want to simply create a room (if its not there) you would require to be logged in.Well,this is where list of super cool features begin. Scrollback lets you choose between two sign on options.One is the Persona where you only need to authenticate your corresponding email address and NO extra privileges are required to log in and the second one, signing up using the Facebook.I…

Bengali-India Fennec Launch Party

How it all began:
This Post is the recap of an event which is one of its kind,It's the bn-IN Fennec launch party.Before I dive into the details of the event let me put it clear in an nutshell what this is all about. This is an celebration event for the contributors who have given their efforts in Localizing the Firefox for Android (Fennec) and other Mozilla Products viz Marketplace,Nightly,Firefox,Firefox OS.The whole event was planned by Biraj Karmarkar.

What Happened:

The agenda was pretty neat and was kept short and informative  as always .The meeting started at 14.00hrs. In a CCD , we all gathered and Biraj started by a round of introduction as I already mentioned this was to highlight the bn-IN contributors so many new faces were seen.With time Biraj started with "How" can the contributors increases their Localization skills and also efficiently answered all the general doubts. After which Biraj gave an lucid idea of styling guidelines. Swarnava ,gave us a concrete id…


Hello all

It is the time to share my experience about KitchenParty@Nalban[DormRoom would be more apt]. Held on 26th of April organised by me,this event focused on understanding Webmaking by "Learning By Making" and "Controlling The Flow Of Web". This was just another kitchen party but with a bit of twist,My focus was NOT to achieve a certain number of makes but to let people innovate and explore the tools with the basic understanding of how to Control and  Create the web that they hack on.
Participating people
Ayan Choudhury[]
Sarbartha Mallick[]
Krishna Kamal Pal[]

The Event has specific 2 parts..

1.Introduction to controlling the web
The first objective was to show how vulnerable the web is.This was actually easy by installing Lightbeam,An add-on for Firefox.Thi…


Hello all

It is the time to share my experience about WikiAcademy as a part of Netaji Subhas Engg College's tech fest Avenir'14. Held on 10th of April , organised by Debjeet,Sucheta,Ayan and Sumantro with Sarbartha backing up,this event focused on growing more involvement in open source and empower people with the minimum understanding of how they can contribute to Wikipedia as an Editor.
Participating People

Debjeet and Sucheta had their game face on since morning . Ayan, Sarbatha and I went together.Abdul joined us during the event and  volunteered throughout the same. What Happened
The Event was scheduled in the same room where the inauguration was suppose to happen,So we were lucky enough to hear  the delegates and institutional heads speak out their views on the tech fest Avenir'14. Just after the inauguration,We began with welcoming all our attendees by a nice intro about who we were and why we were there that day by Debjeet. The primary focus was to test the audience…


Hello all

It is the time to share my experience about a two day event,MozFest@Harbour. Held on 19th and 20th March , organised by Debjani and Kaustav with  Swarnava and Me backing up,this event focused on Webmaker and speading the word about firefox OS and how the students with the basic understanding of HTML,CSS and JS can join to hands and seamlessly contribute  to Mozilla  .
Who Did What

Debjani and Kaustav  traveled all the way from  DehraDoon and Durgapur to make this event a great one. Swarnava and Me were local mozillians who extended all that we could . We expected another FSA [Sukanya] but she couldn't make it.Maybe the event would have been a better one with her. What HappenedDay 1
We began with welcoming all our attendees and then directly jumping to the Mozilla's mission and the main intention was to make the session as interactive and  asking them to share their views and throw as many as questions to clear the basic fundamentals before we began the actual session.Fol…

WoManiya,Empowerment of Women in Mozilla

Hello all

It is the time to share my experience about a two day event,Womaniya. Organised by Komal Gandhi and FSA of Bhopal and MP Police,this event emphasized on the empowerment of women in the Mozilla and by extension Open Source technology .The primary focus was to spread the word about FOSS , Mozilla's Mission and to get more and more Women contributors in from different parts of the country.This event was one of its kind and was one of the biggest one in terms of its audience,coverage and quality.
Participating people

Tanha had traveled all the way from Bangladesh and SoumyaJafar and Faisal travelled from the Southern half  of the country and  Umesh travelled Durgapur, to attend this event. Chandan,Anju,Vaibhab with other local Mozillians added value to the event. The event would not have been possible without Komal's hard work and dedication along with the FSA's efforts. What HappenedDay 1
We began with welcoming all our guest by extending them warm welcome and asking th…

Web + You = WebMaking

The main thing that this post will make sure you understand is,How the web works and how can YOU as an individual from any department or discipline WITHOUT any high Techie-Techie KNOWLEDGE of coding make your own personalized web content and using whatever you find is best from the web!well,the new and the MOST student friendly thing that I'm gonna share is the new project of MOZILLA..That is the Webmaker!!We the students from various departments,we always want to learn and build cool stuffs and present it in the best possible way we can in our day to day life..Isn't it? But,most of us can just get the information from the web and most of the times it happens that we don't find all the things that we would like to speak to the audience! MOREOVER,the more pages I'm searching I m taking down consuming more of the web and its services that would not have been necessary if we had all the information in just one place,Right?

Remember when we were toddlers,we used to scribble…


Hello all

It is the time to share my experience about a two day event,MozSetup@IIT. It was an event to mark the official beginning of firefox club in IIT,KGP and was the first event of its kind.The primary focus was to spread the word about FOSS , Mozilla's Mission and to get people contribute in different projects of Mozilla.
Participating people

Saurabh had traveled all the way from Delhi and SoumyaSayak Sarkar traveled from Pune, via Kolkata, to attend this event. Gauthamraj Elango and Manish  with other Reps and Mozillians from Kolkata and Durgapur added value to the event. The event would not have been possible without Umesh's hard work and dedication along with the FSA's efforts.

What HappenedDay 1InaugurationDevavrat Walinjkar went up to the stage to welcome all the participants and spoke few words about how the firefox club was formed and with a very short introduction to who were the active members of the Firefox Club IIT,KGP and  his team.

FOSS,Mozilla and Webmaking