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Scrollback-Alternative Cross-Platform Chat

Hello All,This post will cover most things about the new super friendly , least resource hungry and superbly secure embedded cross platform chat - Scrollback. Not only is it Open Sourced but its also has some cool Student Ambassador Programme  that I would be talking about later in this post.
So why Scrollback?

I would love to talk less and depict more with as much Screenshots to make it simple for users who are addicted to "whtsapp" or tired of the old "IRCs"

Well now lets jump to the chat room look and then to the details of how Scrollback outcasts rest of the prevailing chat clients

When you want to simply create a room (if its not there) you would require to be logged in.Well,this is where list of super cool features begin. Scrollback lets you choose between two sign on options.One is the Persona where you only need to authenticate your corresponding email address and NO extra privileges are required to log in and the second one, signing up using the Facebook.I…