Hive KGP , Planning meet

What's So special??

On the 7th of December , we decided to sit and talk in depth about the meet up for Hive,KGP with Mozilla Kolkata Community.This is done to ensure that the volunteers have a good grip on what and how the plan was going to get executed.

Who , When and Where?

Umesh, travelled all the way from Kharagpur and calling a formal gathering of the community at a CCD . Ayan,Sukanta,Koustav,Ishita,Sreemegha and Myself got together and started talking about the Concept of Hive and then followed by the hall where it was to be executed and How the future plans of booths will shape up.

The Group  Pic
P.C. : Ayan 

The very idea , was to assign the volunteers with responsibilities so that the whole event goes smooth.It was an well described by Umesh ,who had an very good experience of organising hive events in and around Kharagpur.

As the task were getting assigned , some light snacks were ordered and which added more energy to the volunteers . The major part was to finish off the work with designing and inviting the respective schools in Kharagpur and it was also assigned and completed before time with due co ordination from Umesh.


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