FOSS Wave@Christ University!

Today is a big day as we are going to initiate FOSS Wave in Bangalore , We begin with a event in Christ University , Bangalore. This event is being coordinated by Vipul Siddharth and Prakash Mishra. This activity marks the starting of a series which will be making it's participants "industry ready" . Today we being with "FOSS and Fedora" with a session on "Woman in Tech" by Kanika (RHT ,Intern) .

The Agenda will be!

1.FOSS and Feodora
1.1 What is FOSS
1.2 Why FOSS
1.3 Getting Industry ready
2.Discussions around the diversity and contribution spectrum
2.1 All Foss projects are open sourced , so you can contribute anywhere!
2.2 All contributors need not to code , can be designers to documentors
3.How to start with FOSS
3.1Introduce yourself --let the world know who you are! --> Mailinglist
3.2Every project has identity .. Fedora has FAS
3.3What if you run into a issue -->IRC
4.Fedora and contribution pathways
4.3 QA[Taskotron]
4.4 Fedora Docs
4.5 Packaging[Bodhi]
4.6 Magazine
4.7 Fedocal
4.8 Recognition Model : Badges
5.Creating Accounts (FAS,mailinglist)
5.2 if its Fedora QA --> all the people to be redirected to ML.
5.2 if it's not FedQA --> shoot a mail to respective mailing list
5.3 Freenode IRC web []

Hope to see , you !


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