This weekend , Kanika and me went down to SJCE,Mysore to give a talk on Github and Web VR on their annual open source fest - FOSSCamp.


Thanks to Sujan K. and all the SJCE for hosting us. The talk was scheduled from 2:30pm -5:30pm in one of the labs with fully equipped wireless and systems with mostly ubuntu/Fedora on them. After a short round of introduction , Kanika started off with Git and Github. Arvind and me were assisting people who got stuck during the hands on.This was more of a hands-on so we made all the participants run the basic commands and explained to them how they can start contributing to upstream projects.



We broke for snacks break at around 4 , post snacks Arvind started talking about Merge and Rebase but drawing diagram and then it was open floor for all the students to ask questions. Post QnA , we gave out resources which students can refer to.


With not much time left , I started talking about Web VR and started with very basic demos and code of how people can start making their basic VR apps. Students were interactive and liked the things which they could make with Aframe.


Before calling it a day , we gave out resources of Web VR and thanked all the participants for coming up !


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