[Restrospection] Fedora QA Global Onboarding Call 2017-06-03


We had a Fedora QA onboarding on 2017-06-03 and it was successful the Agenda and the Feedback can be found on this etherpad. People from different countries and regions found the call useful.

Few changes which made things better

1. Using bluejeans was smooth and better than Hangouts.
2. Starting the doodle 2 weeks before the call and giving enough time to vote.
3. Using a bunch of quick links as reference points and then explaining.

Action Items

1. Consistency is the key to success , doing the onboarding call every 2 months will be more engaging. Also , it gives a sense of assurance to the new contributors to simply plug themselves up in one of these calls and start from there even if they miss one , they would still be able to contribute to the release cycle. The proposal is to create a wiki page and link it up to Fedora QA Join where people will benefit from it.

2. Feedback , FAQ ,Quick Links, Logs and recordings should be marked and kept in a wiki page which will constantly tell us where we need improvement and maybe answer few general questions for new contributors.

Proposed Timeline

After Branched

This is the time we generally plan for the test days and start off with pre-alpha testing.Onboarding call during this time will help us gather community ideas by which we can drive the test day planning and if someone wants to run a test day then we can help them plan accordingly.

Before Beta

After the alpha , we are mostly in a phase we have the test days happening , blocker bugs being filed and lot of test coverage (rel-val) needs to happen during
this stage , having an on boarding call at this time will help in the new contributors to work on something specific which is aligned to our goals. This will be a place where we can have more and more people participating and help us testing the iso and features in test days.

Before Final
This is a good time as we are done with most of the test days as a part of change set , we can conduct a few more test namely the system upgrade test day and the kernel test day. This call will help us testing on most of the off-the-shelf-hardware and ensure that whole band of hardwares are tested. This is also the time where we need most validation to be done most of the architecture , hence will help us keep the contributors engaged.


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