This is a post about a event we did at ISM , Dhanbad . This was a connected devices event with a 36hr hackathon! The main idea of the event was to give a feel of IoT and help the participants build and work on ideas which would solve key issues of the current day.

From both social and economic aspect we had a lot of project which came along by the end of 36hrs.

Ayan (ReMo from Calcutta) and me started our journey from Kolkata to Dhanbad , People at Dhanbad greeted us well and took us to ISM campus , where we got freshened up for the hackathon and session.



As people hacked tirelessly throughout the night , we mentored them and tired to solve their doubts . Many cool projects and protoypes came up by the end of event . The list can be found here []

Few very cool projects



The group photo and the curtains call!



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