Mozilla India Meetup 2016

This blog post is a token to thanks to all those people who came together and all the mentors who helped shape the future of Mozilla India . My journey starts from Bangalore on sunny afternoon. After reaching pune , I could see lots of my friends checkin at Holiday Inn. All thanks to Prathamesh and all of the logistics team behind the effort of booking tickets to arranging cabs from Pune airport to the venue.

As I reached the venue, I found many of my mozillian friends there in the hotel lobby chatting up with each other. After checking in , I realized it was a traditional day , although I didn't have any traditional wear with me , but posed for a pic !

PC Subhasis Chatterjee
Day one started , The first half we had talks on Mozilla India story and understanding why the need for community re-structuring. Ankit and George took the first part of the session and then followed by Deb and Kaustav who explained how proposal , which was printed and distributed to everyone during registration. The proposal right now stands as []

Few things worth mentioning
  • Picture of a bus where expectations of people attending the meetup were put inside the bus and the undesirable qualities were put outside the bus.

Parking lot
  • People converse about many topics and they forget to follow up , hence the parking lot - it helps the people to park their thoughts and get back to them later.

Wall of appreciation
  • As we believe that appreciations are part of our journey, there were envelopes for every Mozillians who participated in the meet up.  If anyone wants to appreciate their fellow Mozillians,they could  post their appreciations in their respective envelopes.

Next was a session on personal leadership and connected devices which I attended , the former was an activity filled learning with Dietrich and second was one where we learned about the projects which were being worked on by MoCo and MoFo.

The second day started with a lot of enthusiasm, the key take away for this day were the action items and the forming of Functional teams and Focus teams. Along with a session on diversity , brand and branding issues where the major area of focus.

I was although busy with documentation team , it was fun to be overall involved with the event


  1. Hey, I love to read the experience...

    If their is any such event or Meepup which I 'll b qualifing for do let me know - am a creative tech blogger - Abhirup from kolkata


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