Software Freedom Day Punjab!

Although making a software free to use, modify and redistribute was started as fun but was fortunately the first step towards the Digital or Cyber Freedom. And we tech lover of Punjab do understand this very well, so we bunch of people gathered to Celebrate “SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY”.
I along with the help and support of Fedora Team, Student Space and Mozilla held to organise an event where we can actually celebrate the day by learning more about open source , ways to contribute in, motivate others to come and contribute for the cause.
The event started at 10:30 in a small room of student space. We were 20 in numbers including 4 girls. Few of them are from industries, few of them are collage students while some of them were even in high schools.
I started with the reason why we celebrate Software Freedom Day and little history of Open Source.
I explained them how Mozilla and other giants are contributing in open source world and why should we contribute in.
Questions started coming out from the audience as none of them were actual contributors in open source. I responded and it was great to see the expression of surprise on their face.
I quickly moved to showing video to them about the basic of vector designing which was recorded by Kanika Murarka from team of Fedora Red Hat. They were very much excited and willing to make something of their own. I also explained them about blender which can be used to make 3D animation too.
I then emphasized women participation in open source and even played part of video by Amita from same Fedora team. Girls even shared the problem that they can’t find people like Amita here which can actually guide them through the way to contribution.
Then I showed them introduction to Fedora QA followed by Introduction to Release and update testing by Sumantro Mukherjee great open source contributor.
Now the queries where coming from the audience and all wanted to contribute in such great field where they earlier think that only code freaks can take part.
It was a great experience and I really appreciate Fedora team and Student Space for their contribution to event. While I am looking more contribution and events directly from Fedora team so that the people here can really be benefitted. People here are of great potential but lack of such exposure keep them in dark.
At last thank you all the attendees of Software Freedom Day Punjab 2016.
--- This is reported by Saraswat Deepak


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