Fedora QA - Onboarding Session ON Fri 8/7/16 1700-1900hrs UTC

I started working with Fedora QA and very soon started realizing that there is huge scope for the new comers to join us. When it dawned upon me, I started off by writing a series of "Getting started with Fedora QA" for bunch of technical sites and my blog. Needless to say , It took effort and cooperation from the whole Fedora QA team ; within a span of a few months we started having new members coming up and introducing themselves on our "Test Mailing List" which  made me believe , that we can always have a voice/video session on Hangouts (will be recorded for later usage and will be hosted on youtube under CC-SA) . This session will empower the new contributors to begin their contribution and also encourage more participation and engagement in the Fedora QA project.

As the cog wheel of time rotated, I set up a doodle ,got the votes in and hereby I am announcing an Global Onboarding Session which will be covering this agenda.


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