Taskotron - Automated testing Framework

This post will be about how one can use Taskotron for Automated Testing in Fedora QA .

** It's recommended to use VM than any production system for testing.

Let's run through the setting up of Taskotron!
Making sure that you have the root permission , you can start off by executing the commands

   sudo curl https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/tflink/taskotron/repo/fedora-23/tflink-taskotron-fedora-23.repo \


Once you are done enabling the repo , you can start off by installing taskotron "sudo dnf -y install libtaskotron"

Since the runtask command writes into system-wide locations on the filesystem, any user who runs it will need to be added to the taskotron group with the command

                      "sudo usermod -aG taskotron <user>"


Let's try a simple task of RPM lint and see how it Taskotron automates the testing process.

Let's start by cloning RPM lint repo https://bitbucket.org/fedoraqa/task-rpmlint
      After you are done cloning the repo , you can install rpmlint and once done you can then test any koji build with the rpm lint test.Here's how you do it!

First you need to find a package ,here is one which I have taken for the example

Now, lets automate the test cases without further delay by running the  command "runtask -i foo-1.2-3.fc99 -t koji_build -a x86_64 runtask.yml"
substitute the <foo....f99> with your desired koji build.


This is how you can automate test cases and in this case the resultDB is not enabled if it were , the results would have been reported .But in this case its saved in the artifacts for future reference.


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