Fedora QA Global Onboarding Call & Fedora QA sprint

This was the first time, we pulled  (voice/video+text) onboarding session for Fedora QA . In the last couple of months,we have had a lots of news contributors who were sending out mails at "test" list. As the cog wheel of time rotated , we planned for a onboarding session . Contributors joined us from 6 countries with the sheer intention of making Fedora better. Thanks a ton Adamw and all the senior members , for dropping by and helping me host the Onboarding session.As we moved ahead with the sessions, we covered Release Validation , Update testing . Adam talked and showed us demo of how the audience can use easy-karma for Update testing. He also talked about Taskatron and Open QA in depth which helped the contributors have an understanding of "Automated Testing" .

Feed backs ranged from awesome to informative. The only thing , which needs working on is the limitation of Google Hangouts participants. We do need to find an hassle-free open source alternative which will not have the participant limit! 

The post meeting details and the resource shared during meeting has been summed up here.
A full blown Fedora QA Onboarding session
Just after the Fedora QA Onboarding session , we started contributing to update testing and had a Fedora QA sprint for 10hrs.

10hrs of Fedora QA sprint
There were 7 people on site (RHT BLR office) and few from other places(remote). All of us enthusiastically participated in a 10 hr sprint .We tested about 1000+ (1063 to be exact) update testing for F23 and F24 and Release Validation on Fedora 25 Rawhide.                               

The detailed report can be found here

Going in near future , we planned to continue to meet and work together and contribute heavily to manual and automated testing.Open QA and Taskatron being the next steps , which we will be working on!

Thanks for the read and it was fun interacting with new people and working in a collaborative way !


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