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It is the time to share my experience about WikiAcademy as a part of Netaji Subhas Engg College's tech fest Avenir'14. Held on 10th of April , organised by Debjeet,Sucheta,Ayan and Sumantro with Sarbartha backing up,this event focused on growing more involvement in open source and empower people with the minimum understanding of how they can contribute to Wikipedia as an Editor.

Participating People

Debjeet and Sucheta had their game face on since morning . Ayan, Sarbatha and I went together.Abdul joined us during the event and  volunteered throughout the same.

What Happened


Debjeet with his round of introduction 

The Event was scheduled in the same room where the inauguration was suppose to happen,So we were lucky enough to hear  the delegates and institutional heads speak out their views on the tech fest Avenir'14. Just after the inauguration,We began with welcoming all our attendees by a nice intro about who we were and why we were there that day by Debjeet. The primary focus was to test the audience's knowledge about opensource and FOSS. So,to pick up the task Sucheta went up the stage and gave a small but lucid session about what FOSS is  and how these outreach programs of Wikipedia empowers students,developers and FOSS enthusiast to contribute in the field the want the most.

Sucheta with understanding FOSS and Goals of WikiAcademy

The audience of WikiAcademy'14

Wikipedia and Its projects

Without wasting time I started with a detail session on Wikipedia and its projects and the contribution opportunities in Wikimedia Foundations.The main aim was to quickly introduce people to the different projects that we would be covering that day which included Wikimedia commons and Wikipedia.Soon, after my session 
Without wasting time:

The Creation of Avenir wikipage
Ayan took up the task to dive deeper into hands on of how to edit a wiki page and the best way was to start a page from scratch.So,we figured out that there was no wiki page on Avenir so we decided to give it a shot. Ayan and Sarbartha put down all their efforts and invited a volunteer who would edit the article in wikipedia and all the people will witness how easy it was to start off contributing as an editor.

Ayan with His hands on Editing Session

Sarbartha and Ayan helping out fellow editor from the audience

 Finally we concluded the event by with the completion of the page and explaining people how to upload pic in commons and also encouraging them to start contributing them in wikipedia in bengali or in the locale the can.

 Thanks And Hats off to all the people who contributed to this event and a special thanks to Debjeet and Sucheta for putting up all the effort for making this event so awesome. 


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