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It is the time to share my experience about a two day event,MozFest@Harbour. Held on 19th and 20th March , organised by Debjani and Kaustav with  Swarnava and Me backing up,this event focused on Webmaker and speading the word about firefox OS and how the students with the basic understanding of HTML,CSS and JS can join to hands and seamlessly contribute  to Mozilla  .

Who Did What

Debjani and Kaustav  traveled all the way from  DehraDoon and Durgapur to make this event a great one. Swarnava and Me were local mozillians who extended all that we could . We expected another FSA [Sukanya] but she couldn't make it.Maybe the event would have been a better one with her.

What Happened

 Day 1

We began with welcoming all our attendees and then directly jumping to the Mozilla's mission and the main intention was to make the session as interactive and  asking them to share their views and throw as many as questions to clear the basic fundamentals before we began the actual session.Followed by that was  Kaustav's session,where he spoke in detail about HTML,CSS and it's implementation by creating thimble pages. And with showcasing all the WebMaking tools we called off the first day.


Day 2

Debjani with WoMoz

The next day we started off with me crunching on the basics of Firefox OS with the help of all the HTML and CSS core knowledge that we explained the previous day.Again the goal was to speak and let people speak .So,we started off my gathering App ideas and collecting them.In the meantime Debjani gave a small session on WoMozand FSA and how important it was for the women to contribute in mozilla to get them at par with men and help WoMoz mission be a successful one.Lucky we were to have few girls to speak out how they can contribute and Debjani took the next step by guiding her.

Speaking out App Ideas 

WoMoz on the Run 

The PASSIONATE would be contributors of Mozilla

One of the Active Participant being rewarded

 Finally we concluded the event by giving awarding webmaker tshirts to the best ideas and distributing swags to all the people who passionately attended the sessions.

 Thanks And Hats off to all the people who contributed to this event and a special thanks to Debjani, Kaustav and Swarnava for putting up all the effort for making this event so awesome. 


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