WoManiya,Empowerment of Women in Mozilla

Hello all

It is the time to share my experience about a two day event,Womaniya. Organised by Komal Gandhi and FSA of Bhopal and MP Police,this event emphasized on the empowerment of women in the Mozilla and by extension Open Source technology .The primary focus was to spread the word about FOSS , Mozilla's Mission and to get more and more Women contributors in from different parts of the country.This event was one of its kind and was one of the biggest one in terms of its audience,coverage and quality.

Participating people

Tanha had traveled all the way from Bangladesh and Soumya Jafar and Faisal travelled from the Southern half  of the country and  Umesh travelled Durgapur, to attend this event. Chandan,Anju,Vaibhab with other local Mozillians added value to the event. The event would not have been possible without Komal's hard work and dedication along with the FSA's efforts.

What Happened

 Day 1

We began with welcoming all our guest by extending them warm welcome and asking them to share their views and enlighten us with the new changes they have made in the system to increase the security coverage and much more.Followed by that was  demo on self defense by the top notch trained professionals of the women self defense team of Bhopal police and finally after lunch Mozillans came back in action. Komal and Tanha went up to the stage to welcome all the participants and spoke few words about WoMoz and the communities mission behind WoMoz.  They really explained well how rapidly the world is developing and how can all the women get at par with the counterpart.Digging deeper,Faisal Sir went up to stage to explain more on the mission of mozilla and how it strives to make this world a better place for all the women and help them in contributing to the open source world where skills are not only recognized but valued .Last by not the least was Umesh's session on lightbeam which was awesome and with his lucid explanation he really made the audience understand how sharing of unnecessary data can be stopped.   

Day 2

The next day we started off at 10.30am and to increase the effectiveness we divided the audience in 3 main groups..App Dev,FSA and WebMaker.With all  the logistics in place we started off.The FSA team was headed by Umesh and Tanha.App Dev by Soumya Deb[Debloper]  and Webmaker by me and Komal.By the lunch time we had set all the contribution opportunities to the audience.We began with parallel sessions and this is how it looked :

 Faisal Aziz took his session on Localization after that Jafar Muhammed took his session on HTML5, HTML5 crimes and RWD – Responsive Web Designing.Not to mention Soumya Deb ,who spoke in great detail about Firefox OS and finally we gave swags and took group pics to mark the ending of this awesome and fun filled event.

 Thanks And Hats off to all the people who contributed to this event and a special thanks to Komal for making this event so awesome. 


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