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It is the time to share my experience about a two day event,MozSetup@IIT. It was an event to mark the official beginning of firefox club in IIT,KGP and was the first event of its kind.The primary focus was to spread the word about FOSS , Mozilla's Mission and to get people contribute in different projects of Mozilla.

Participating people

Saurabh had traveled all the way from Delhi and Soumya Sayak Sarkar traveled from Pune, via Kolkata, to attend this event. Gauthamraj Elango and Manish  with other Reps and Mozillians from Kolkata and Durgapur added value to the event. The event would not have been possible without Umesh's hard work and dedication along with the FSA's efforts.

What Happened

 Day 1


Devavrat Walinjkar went up to the stage to welcome all the participants and spoke few words about how the firefox club was formed and with a very short introduction to who were the active members of the Firefox Club IIT,KGP and  his team.

FOSS,Mozilla and Webmaking

Gauthamraj Elango[Webmaker,Reps Mentor] walked up to the stage and spoke about what FOSS,Mozilla's mission and Goals.This gave the audience a greater perspective as to what Mozilla is and the various projects they can contribute . Also,he focused  about Webmaker in the later half of the day,which included a short hands on.The audience responded by exploring webmaker in their individual laptops.


Biraj Karmakar [L10n,ReMo] briefed about Localization,since the audience was new to the terminology he did a nice effort by making them understand the meaning of Localization and also how is it different from translation.He got responses from the audiences as some of them already had an idea and finally could implement thereby contribute to l10n. 

Bug Squashing

Saurabh Anand [Squash Bugs,ReMo] added a great value to the event by opening up explaining 'what are bugs?' and how anyone can start off from scratch in solving bugs and contribute to Firefox.His talk focused mostly on all who had a prior knowledge of C++,C,python and JS,covering How to setup the machine for solving bugs and finally ending up with hands on.

Firefox OS App Dev

Sumantro,Biraj [Firefox OS,App Dev] In this session we focused on all who knew HTML,CSS and JS .From Introduction to Firefox OS to hands on .we covered it all in a very short while.The primary focus was to make them understand the concept behind Firefox OS architecture and how to create new apps and port existing apps by simply implementing the manifest file.  

Day 2

 Bug Squashing :

 We started the second day in one of the CS labs of IIT,KGP and made the participants ready for solving bugs.In the beginning Saurabh and Manish took the lead and spoke in details about how to solve the bugs.Then we listed the bugs in and the patching session began.Manish and Saurabh did an awesome work by making sure everything worked and we had 7 bugs fixed by the end of the event.Then we congratulated the winners and the FSA by giving out goodies and swags.Thereby,concluding MozSetup@IIT.


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